To ensure you a pleasant stay and avoid misunderstandings, please read the rules and regulations below.

The confirmation of the booking means that you have read and accepted the rules and regulations.

  1. The suite is rented for nights.
  2. Your stay in the suite begins at 4:00 pm on the check-in day and ends at 11:00 am on the check-out day. Check-in and check-out takes place in the presence of the Resident /apartment manager.
  3. The check-in by 10:00 pm is free-of-charge. For the check-in from 10:00 pm to 00:00 at night an extra fee applies in the amount of PLN 80; from 00:00 at night to 06:00 am it is PLN 100.
  4. The check-out from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm is free-of-charge.
  5. Consult with the manager of the suite when you wish to leave the suite after 11:00 pm. An additional fee in the amount of PLN 10/h is charged for the extension of stay.
  6. Consult with the manager of the suite when you wish to arrive earlier, before 4 pm. An additional fee in the amount of PLN 10/h is charged for an earlier check-in.
  7. The bed time in the suite is from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.
  8. The guests’ behaviour should not be a nuisance to others. The manager has the right to check out individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs behaving aggressively, disturbing the peace and/or well-being of neighbours and acting contrary to the applicable principles of community life with immediate effect without reimbursing the prior payments. Under such circumstances, the manager is not obliged to refund any money for the unused stay.
  9. The manager of the facility has the right to cancel the pre-booking within 24 h from the booking without specifying the cause.
  10. The manager of the facility has the right to refuse to provide accommodation to and accept guests who resort to verbal or physical violence against the employees, operator or other guests. The down payment is not subject to refund.
  11. On the check-in day, the guests will receive a set of keys for their use, which they are obliged to return to the suite manager on the check-out day. If lost or damaged, the Guests are obliged to pay PLN 50 + the gate remote PLN 150.
  12. You may not bring pets to the suite. The suite staff have the right to refuse to provide accommodation to the guests who have brought a pet along to the facility without prior consultation.
  13. Objects left by the guest after having left the suite may be sent back at the guest’s request and expense to the address indicated by the guest. Otherwise, the staff will handle such objects according to the lost and found regulations after three days from the departure.
  14. Due to the fire protection requirements, in the suite you may not use any electricity- or gas-powered devices or apparatus which are not the equipment of the premises and which might pose a fire threat, such as electrical heaters, radiators or gas burners. You may not bring in flammable and explosive materials or such as might give off an unpleasant smell.
  15. Every time you leave the room, check whether it is locked. It is absolutely forbidden to take out any objects which are the furnishings of the suite, such as towels, blankets, cushions, devices etc. Take care of the suite rented, turn off the unnecessary lighting, close the windows and turn off the water.
  16. In the suite, you may not smoke tobacco and other habit-forming substances.
  17. Immediately report any and all faults of equipment in the suite to the suite staff. The Guest who damages the suite equipment deliberately or through the improper use thereof is obliged to cover the costs and expenses incurred in full.
  18. On the check-out day, the suite staff check the condition of the premises with the guest in attendance. Any and all claims related to potential damage verified by the staff at the handover of the suite will be settled by reaching an agreement with the guest before their departure. In case of disputes, claims will be asserted in court.
  19. Notify the staff of the arrival of a greater number of guests than provided for by the booking (maximum number of individuals in the suite is 6) two days before the arrival at the latest. The stay of a greater number of guests must be approved by the suite manager (to the extent reasonably possible). If this clause herein is not met, the manager has the right to charge additional costs and expenses for the stay of additional people according to the pricelist. Additionally, a fee will be charged in the amount of PLN 30 per person for extra bed sheets.
  20. Notify the staff of the arrival of fewer guests than provided for by the booking two days before the arrival at the latest. The decreased number of people on the check-in day or during your stay will not cause the price of your stay to decrease, as the original booking price applies.
  21. Upon booking the prices apply as in the price list and as sent in the booking confirmation. In case the booking is changed, the prices apply contained in the price list when such changes are introduced. Special offers do not apply to previous bookings.
  22. Leave the suite rented in the same condition as it had been before you arrived.
  23. On the check-out day, the suite guests are obliged to dispose of the trash in the dust bins indicated by the staff. On the day of departure, apartment guests are required to take hotel linen (towels, feet, cloths, duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets) and place them in the place indicated by the service. Guidelines imposed by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.
  24. An earlier departure or delayed arrival of the guest due to reasons beyond the suite manager’s control does not entitle the guest to demand the refund of the amount for services unused.
  25. The price of the stay is calculated based on the total number of people in the suite throughout the stay.
  26. Additional fees: Deposit in the amount of PLN 500 collected from the guests, payable in cash when checking in at the Resident. Preferably, the deposit currency is PLN. The deposit will be refunded on the day of check-out, if there is no breach of the Apartment and no items in the condition of the rented facility. During the holiday season, the deposit will be doubled.
  27. Bills and invoices for the stay are issued at the client’s request within 7 days from the check-out. They will be sent by e-mail to the address indicated by the guest.
  28. The suite staff or service have an additional set of keys and in case of failures or faults can enter the suite for repairs when the guests are not in.
  29. Due to the ongoing renovation (facelift or repair) of the suites, the offer shown in the pictures can be slightly divergent from reality in terms of colours and design. It should, however, be compliant with the equipment of the suite provided for therein.
  30. You must not throw parties in the suite, such as hen and stag parties.
  31. Booking and payment rules: a) Online clients e.g. via: such websites as and – payments, refunds according to the terms and conditions as well as booking rules and regulations of a specific website. b) Direct clients – the booking is confirmed having made the required down payment. The down payment is non-reimbursable and it may not be transferred to another date. – You may assign your booking to others only after the prior consultation with the booking office. – the suite guest should make the payment for their stay on the check-in day at the latest and fill in the registration card as they check in. An ID is required for the check-in procedure or another document allowing your identity to be verified.
  32. In the event of symptoms or the confirmed Covid-19 result, both during your stay and after leaving the Apartment, please inform us immediately about the situation. Our goal is to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and therefore the operating personnel will be tested.